Custom Coffee Table Base

Custom Chair and Coffee Table

A hand forged chair side table.

Custom Décor

A custom ordered axe

A custom ordered damascus bowie knife

Hand forged ” organic ” set of fireplace tools.

san-mai style kitchen knife with granite in handle.

Dagger style letter opener on marble base

Custom table base

Custom Fireplace Screen

A damascus knife forged from powdered steel.

Gothic/medieval candle sconce

Forged flower art piece

Ulfburt Sword

A custom-made table base for a slab of Arizona petrified wood

French style cross peen hammer

Mjolnir style hammer

Custom Décor

Custom Décor

Custom Coffee Table

Wine rack

Fireplace Set

A custom ordered bear hunters knife

san-mai style kitchen knife

san-mai style kitchen knife

 A hand forged wine cellar iron gate/door.

A hand forged kukri sword.

Custom steel awning

Items available on Etsy

Hand forged fire pokers with Leaf

A san-mai chopper made of 316ss and 52100

Hand forged damascus kiritsuke with brass inlay